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How long does it take to become a CS?

Well, this is the most common question that is being faced by the curious mind of a CS aspirant. The answer could be a subjective one because it depends upon one student to another and the number of attempts he takes in clearing the CS exams. If I talk in a calculative way, it can take a minimum of 5 years. Lets see How?

In CS, you have mainly Three stages.

* CS Entrance Exam
* CS Executive
* CS Professional and 21 months of mandatory training along with another 40 to 60 days CLDP

Can I Complete CS in 2 years?

The single word answer for this would be a NO. because the mandatory practical training itself is for 21 months other than clearing all three stages of CS. However there are some exemptions provided for 21 months of training to some specific candidates. If one gets exempted from training and cleared his exams within 2 years then yeah It could be possible.


CS course Eligibility?


Okay so now you know about the period and stages of the CS course, let's discuss the eligibility to enter the CS course stage wise.

For CS executive entrance test: the candidate should be 10+2 from any background or appearing in 10+2.
For CS Executive : the candidate should be Either of the following:
Has passed CS executive Entrance Test
Is a Graduate with at least 50% marks
Final Passed student of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Final Passed student of Institute of Cost and Management accountants of India.
For CS Professional: the candidate should clear CS executive.

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Is CS a difficult Course?
Well, Yes. The course is not difficult in the sense that you can't understand the concepts that the course is offering but it gets difficult in terms of scoring passing marks. For that the course needs consistent and regular studies. It's not something that one can study for a month and cope up with the entire syllabus. Moreover, the syllabus is huge, it gets amended time to time with the ever changing laws, rules and regulations. Beyond that a student needs to learn specific writing skills to get a good score in order to pass. The pass percentage of CS professionals is around 40% and CS Executive is around 18%.

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How many Years does it take to become CS after 12th?
As I mentioned earlier, it could take around 3-4 years if cleared in a single attempt.

CS eligibility after Graduation?
So, in CS there are two entries to enter into the course. One is Normal Entry that is to enter CS after 12th another one is Direct Entry that is to enter CS after graduation. In Direct Entry, The student gets the benefit of entering CS executive directly without appearing for CS Executive Entrance test.
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Which is tough, CS or MBA?

Well both are Professional degrees so the answer to this question can be given from multiple angles.
Firstly, let's talk about time. While you know that CS is a full flagged course with minimum time taking of 5 years, whereas MBA will take only two years cause its a Two years Masters Degree.

So, from the viewpoint of time, CS is definitely tougher than MBA.

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